Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Yah i know that i haven't posted in a while but its been somewhat of a hectic month or so for me. Finals then graduation from law school then my family was in town and now bar review classes have started. Its not a very fun time but its necessary. I guess this is where i tell you all that one chapter in my life has closed and another will soon begin but thats a bunch of horseshit. Life doesn't have chapters where there are clear divisions where one chapter should end and another starts. I feel no different the day before graduation than i did the day after. I guess it is a milestone or some sort of achievement but it just seems a bit premature especially with the bar looming over our heads.

On a different note, our last week together in boston was a good one. We, meaning robin, leevin, angie and I kick started senior week off with a full day bbque at our place. We had about 40 or 50 people there, with a tremendous amount of food, granted mostly meat but only a few of us are veggies. Whatever food we lacked we made up for in beer and liquor. We all got really drunk that day, correction i got really drunk and so did most everyone else, since we had been drinking straight from 3 to 11 or 12. It was a great hurrah or whatever. The entire week was full of activities and i'm not in the mood to talk about them all now.

I just moved into Girish and Gates' place and its pretty cool, but it sucks it is right before the bar so there is some fear and tension in the air. Quite possibly this is one of the biggest tests in our lives and we all want to pass the first time we take them. I mean, i'm even studying and come on, me and study? never before have those two words been used together aside from saying that mukunda doesn't study. Its a sad sight to see me reading and outlining instead of sleeping or doing something fun. On another note, i'm having surgery on june 15th, yes the day that batman begins comes out, i am gonna go watch that movie at midnight right before my surgery, yes i am that big of a fan boy, get over it. Sadly i can take forever on how great the character is and what he means both in regards to american society and similarly to the human condition, welcome to the dorky side of mukunda, yes i know, you're asking but mukunda you are soo cool, we could never consider you dorky. As much as i am inclined to agree, i must say that even I have my moments of dorkiness and this is one of them. I've embraced it and sometimes even nurtured it, to keep the inner child in me alive, its what allows me to be stupid yet possess a certain charm and level of dignity while doing it. aight i'm out. peace.