Friday, November 18, 2005

Superman Teaser Trailer!!!!

That is the site for the superman returns teaser trailer. I just saw this and I'm really excited. Superman has been my idol since I was a little kid. Not like most people, who only view him as something imaginary but for me he was what we human beings can aspire to. Superman stood for justice, righteousness and truth. The man who would never lie and would fight for all that is good and true in this world, no matter the odds or consequences. Christopher Reeve truly made me believe that a man can fly and still to this day i still believe that at some deep level.

He is one of the reasons i actually became a lawyer, by the way i passed the new york bar so i am a lawyer. He represents the ideal, of what we can become if we truly believe in each other and ourselves. In many ways I miss those days of childlike innocence, when I used to believe that someone like superman was possible. This new movie looks great, like it still hangs on to the emotions and principles of those first two movies. Superman isn't a mere American Icon but he represents the ideals that we as humans can aspire to. He is essentially a god that comes to live amongst insects yet he becomes one of the insects in order to relate to us. In otherwords, he represents those people who have the ability in our world to do something above and beyond those of normal people. He represents the idea that people with power must use to to help others who can't, to help pick up those who fall and to stand by what is right and true. just my few thoughts, ya its rambling but whats new from me.