Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Day One over

Well, day one of my NY bar exam is over and it wasn't as bad as I figured but don't want to get ahead of myself because there is a good chance that I missed a lot of things but what is done is done. The past couple of weeks have been interesting, I finally put in work and did something that I should have done from the beginning of my academic career, which is simply study and put in effort. I've figured out a lot of things about myself that I didn't know before. No, I will not write about that because its pretty personal and I don't feel like sharing my deeper moments with everyone, yes despite all your conceptions of me, I do possess some depth. I've figured out things with what I want in life in regards to certain parts of my life. This was especially true this past week, right before the bar. Suffices to say, its been a interesting period for me with strong inclinations for something good but who knows how fate works.

Man, I've written some very thought provoking and what I consider interesting blogs in the past few months but rarely do I get any responses or comments, which is kinda weird considering that my hit counter tells me that I have about 15 people visiting my site every day of which half are new readers or at least passerbyers (yes i know not a real word but I make up stuff, its the price of genius.....come on someone lambast me). I'll let you in on something, I have learned that I come off a lot different than I really am, which in this case might have worked to my detriment but I don't think it did, just adds to the mystery that is me....haha i can't believe i just wrote that crap. I'm really not that mysterious i'm sooo transparent its not even funny. I'm just rambling on in this post, cause i don't wanna write anything deep or thought provoking. I'm saving my brain cells and neurons for tomorrow's test, which will be another six hours of exciting legal questions...utterly pointless. My problem with law as with many things is that the philosophy and lofty principles of metaphysics have been removed and separated from it but this is a discussion for another day.

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