Thursday, October 27, 2005


Soooooo....I was in India from Sept. 2 till October 11th which explains my absence on this blog. India was a good wholesome family time. I essentially spent the entire time with my grandparents and two young cousins. We went on few trips around South India. See here is how it works in my family. I'm my grandparents first grandchild so essentially I can do no evil in their eyes but with this freedom also comes the shackles, just as they can't say no to me, i can't say no to them. This had negative consequences for me this time. I really wanted to go travelling like to see Hampi, Konark, Puri, Calcutta and Kerala. Well, I got to see Kerala or more specifically a couple of temples in Kerala but not the backwaters or other areas as I wanted. See the thing my grandparents and uncle fail to understand is that I'm interested in seeing the architecture and immersing myself into the culture outside the temples. I want to see the backwaters and experience nature and just get lost in the cities or villages. When I say i want to see a place, my grandparents assume its just the temple to pray. So what happens is that they book tickets and come with me, which is fine and fun but its like a day stay at each location just enough time to see the temple and pray and get out.

Due to this, I've decided that from nowforth whenever I go to india, I will do all my traveling before seeing my family so that I can get to see places i want to see and also spend time with them. That being said, I had a great time with my cousins: Madhava and Seshu; ages 14 and 12 respectively. It was cool getting to know them and having an influence on them. I had an interesting time in Chennai. It sucks because I don't know anyone in that city that is around my age. My daily routine was to go to coffee shop in the morning, read there and meet and talk to random people. Ok, gotta go.


Srirangam V Mohanarangan said...

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Anonymous said...

This I have discovered myself. Same advice I gave to Priya. Visit the family at the end of the trip. Don't even let them know you're there!