Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Another piece of my writing from a few years back, I think much like today I was still contemplating human nature or why we let our negative thoughts and emotions control us.

Darkness (August 19, 2001)

It dwells within us and outside of us

Descending quickly it covers us

Blinding and trapping us, it smiles

No one is hidden or protected from its knife like sight

It’s sight pierces into our core and overwhelms us

What can possibly overcome this darkness,

which is felt but never seen,

which moves but is never heard?

Where it comes from, we know not

But what it is, is known

It is our very self

It is that part of us we hide

It is our doubt

Our fear

Our hunger

It deludes us into believing we are its servant

But in reality we are its master

Do not fight it nor challenge it

Embrace it and harness it

Let it merge with you

Let it serve you

For we are the inner light

the darkness is the untouched part of us.

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