Thursday, July 07, 2011


To all of Mukunda's followers: I'm Sriya, Mukunda's niece and a rising freshman in college. Whenever I go to India (every few years), I keep a journal of sorts. This year, I asked Mukunda chitya if I could use his blog to reach all my friends and share my thoughts about my experiences in India.

The plan for my trip (7/13-8/3)--on which I am embarking with my parents, 7-year-old brother, and maternal grandmother--is to visit Chennai and Bangalore (major cities in South India), with intermittent visits to Guruvayur, Srirangam, and Melkote (smaller cities that are sites of ancient Hindu temples). My posts will be sporadic, as I'm not sure when I'll have internet access, but I intend to take several pictures and let you all into the most interesting aspects of my trip. I hope that what I have to say resonates with you all and brings something valuable (TBD!) to the table.

So, until I reach India, adieu!


Mukunda said...

Congrats on your first post! I will let the rest of the family know to keep tabs on your posting

Jayaram Krishnaswamy (mysorian) said...

There is some magic to printed words that no amount of flashy pictures can conjure. I am glad one more Subbagirian has started writing. Sriya, let me compare your observations with mine spanning some 40 years. Melkote is so nice. Don't miss the star studded sky. It is so beautiful.