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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Here I am again attempting to entertain all 2 of my readers. To you two, i say many thanks for sticking with me and to the rest of you, smart move. I know most of you are eager to discover what new adventurous scenario and circumstances I have recently gotten myself into so i will regale you with my stories and antecdotes. Lets see where I last left you all i had watched Harold and Kumar.

Well, this past week was relatively uneventful except for the weekend which was mildly interesting. On Friday after working in the lab at Appa's office i headed to the beach this was around maybe 5ish. It was a friend's birthday celebration and so thats what we did. We played some football and volleyball, in the course of which i sublexed my left shoulder, meaning it popped out and instantly popped back in. I sat out for the rest of volleyball and let the pain subside. Then, the guys mentioned my They wanted to play and I being the big macho former high school football player, who once almost scored 4 touchdowns in one game (people, please tell you me you get that is another clue Polk High School, shoe salesman......come on...the greatest American folk hero Al Bundy).

Anyways, so I end up playing that and dominating might I add. Threw one touchdown and scored another. Well after the beach we all headed to Josh Shlokams, a bar owned by the universally handsome Dennis Rodman aka the Worm. He was at the bar hanging with his fellas. It was a chill night nothing special.

Saturday was another story, Suman, our close family friend was having her birthday party at her house, and made it a pool party. I got ridiculously drunk there, i mean ridiculously. Every other word out of my mouth was a four letter word usually starting with f. I essentially was drinking from 2pm to 1am. I was the only person swimming might I add and i was drunk out of my mind, i did like 25 laps. We went to this party for this dude named Ashwin, supposedly M Night Shyamalan's cousin. What a freaking tool, he walked around as if he was Usher and he was the king of the bar. What he needed was a strong kick in the gonads but i was too drunk and hanging out with my friends to do that.

That essentially was my weekend. I had a freaking root canal today and that shit is bumping. I will try and make my next post more thought provoking than this one.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

This weekend was extremely busy and eventful. Friday night was a night in heaven for me. I went to this Bolivian party, bolivia not bulgaria, which is in eastern europe. Bolivia for those of you without much geographic knowledge is a South American country. Well, you might be asking how did I an Indian guy go to this Bolivian event, and even if you aren't asking that question, which you should be, i will answer it. My best friends are bolivian. Oscar and Erick Quinones, the brothers two. Let me just say wow, that event was amazing. The cultural program was really entertaining, traditional dances and music. The costumes were elaborate and awesome.

But the greatest cultural event there was the ladies. Let me just say, these women were beautiful. I met a whole lot of them but most of them had boyfriends and guess what those boyfriends were white. I have nothing against white guys (anytime you hear a sentence prefaced with "i have nothing against blah blah blah", you know that clearly they do have something against the blah blah blah) but come on, all the hot brown women are taken by the white dudes. Fine, not all but a lot. Like i met this really hot woman there, but she was with a white dude. Oscar tells me that the white dude is cool and funny as hell but not so much a winner, meaning he was a jobless hobo. So out of respect for the dude i didn't hit on his gf, who again was amazingly hot. So anyways i end up dancing the night away from like 11 to 2 am straight with a group of bolivian women. They had a lot bolivian band from Bolivia named Kachas, they had a good tune about them. Suffice to say it was a lot of fun.

Saturday was a long day, had to go to a job site for my dad and spend 8 hours there gathering soil samples, drilling wells and testing the water level and stuff like that. It was like 93 degrees too, it killed. I had got like 4 hours of sleep because of the night of dancing and bolivizing. I came home konked out for a few hours then go up and went to yardhouse and downed a yard and half of beer. It was a friend's post-engagement drunk fest so i just decided to partake in that. It was cool.

Sunday I helped one of my best friend Simms' girlfriend move her stuff into a new place and then hung out with Simms all day. We went swimming, remembered high school and all the stupid shit we did and caused other people to do, we were at our childish and uncivilized best that day. Furthermore to show how far we had regressed back into our teens we went and watched Harold and Kumar go to white castle, which was funny, in a high schoolized kinda way. Crude humor, you can never go wrong with that, thats our philosophy, if you can't be witty be crude. I got like 2 weeks before i head back to the Bean, which i'm kinda looking forward to, last year of schlong, i mean law school and all.

Law school is the quintissential dick measuring contest but its for all genders. It is essentially a way for people to judge each other based on grades and job placement. The guy or girl in the big firm has the 12 incher while the dude in the midfirm and government work has like the 7 incher and the individual in the small or public interest is the mighty 3 incher. I mean just like cock size people don't wanna talk about jobs, not so much as not to offend the other but just so that they don't look like a dick, pun intended. I mean the dude who has his wang out all the time would get his ass kicked so much like that the law student will keep his shit under wraps as not to get his/her ass kicked or hated. Aside from that, this year is gonna be fun, a lot of drinking and partying.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

This weekend was somewhat uneventful. Went to this place in hollywood on Sat. night called White Lotus, it was fun. The food and drinks were ridiculously expensive. I had a good time just talking and dancing with some friends. We left around 1 am and outside while we were waiting for our car to be unvaleted (yah its not a real word, get over it), we noticed this semi-cute girl talking to her friends.

She was keeping it "real" and telling them that she worked with Snoop Dogg (the epitome of class) and his "cats". Snoop Dogg has cats? Whats the world coming to? Anyways, she goes on talking and i'm like practically laughing then she points to my friends (the girls) and says that "they don't have what it takes to be around snoop dogg". I was a bit taken aback and so knowing she was drunk and a bitch i decide to egg her on. "Preach on, sister" I say and so she does. She explains how she is telling it how it is. So i tell her "Yo, no one really cares that you hang with snoop dogg." She responds "He is making his return and coming out with a new clothing line". I retort "Yes thats what i'm really looking forward to wearing, Snoop Dogg's clothing line. It exactly what i want to wear to court or work. A flannel half button shirt, my pants with only one full leg and the other leg rolled up."

She says "Oh you will care when it comes out if you are into fashion and wanna look good." I respond "I'm sure Snoop's line will redefine fashion" At this point her car comes up and she heads towards it, her really cute friend comes up to me and repeatly apolgizes to me saying she is really sorry for her friend and just met her today and stuff.

I gotta say that girl is the perfect example why stupid idiots should never know any "famous" or "rich" people. They will act as if the entire world revolves around them and everyone else is below them but on the flipside those people are very easy to mess with and make feel stupid.

Oh ya, on thursday night i went to watch this one man play performed by Bernard White, the indian guy in matrix revolutions at the train station who talks to neo for a while, on the first 3 chapters of teh Bhagavad Gita. It was really interesting and well done. My cousin-in-law Ravi Kapor, the indian guy on Crossing Jordan, was really into it, he said it gave him a deeper interest in the message and meaning of the Gita, which he had only a brief acquictance with. Other than that nothing very interesting occurred recently.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

If you haven't seen Spiderman 2, you better. Its one of the best movies of the year. Yeah yah , i know i'm a comic book geek and my opinion is clearly biased but wow, that movie stunned me, enough that i've seen it twice and am contemplating a third time. Those of you that know me, know thats pretty crazy, i don't like to spend my federally bestowed money quite so easily. I felt like a little kid again when i watched that movie and being the evil and malicious law student that i am, it was a good return of innocence of sorts. Man, do i wish i had superpowers....

Anyways, i went to this club on Saturday Night a few weeks ago, yes it was the club in newport beach with pure silicone and faux blonde hair, not that i'm complaining. I came with a bunch of Indians, and we rolled in like 20 deep. We were the only brown people for the most part in that entire club and ironically the club was called Sutra, an Indian name which means String in Sanskrit. Tidbit: Kama Sutra means String of Desire. So anyways, i'm working on getting plastered, and damn this evil summer because now i'm a lightweight, a lush if you will, 4 drinks and i'm buzzing like a honey crazed bumblebee, but i think of myself more as a african killer bee, grrrrr.

So everyone at this club is either flithy loaded or is dating/married/screwing someone that is, except us. Most of the single girls at this club would never even give me the time of day because i'm still accepting food stamps from the federal government, which i used to buy alcohol. So i do what any red blooded man does, i lied. Well not so much a lie as a half truth. I convinently found a VIP table, which happened to be empty and sat down at it. Lo and behold like moths to a flame, a couple of girls, amply filled with silicone, dart on over to the table.

I'm my ever suave and composed self tell the ladies to sit down. They comply and start talking to me. Within the first 2 minutes they ask me what my job is. Yes i know sometimes its a technique to foster conversation but clearly in this case it was a technique to gauge my ability to contribute to their monetary needs. So I tell them I'm a lawyer and work for a firm in Los Angeles and that i'm 28. In reality i'm a law student, see both have the word law in it, and i'm 24, soon to be 25. I continue to talk to them a few minutes more and then proceed to go dance with them. After a lil while, i think they wanted me to buy them like a bottle of wine or some shit, but no way was i gonna do that, I totally would if i had money to spare like that but my ass was broke, so i kinda left them and went and hung out with my friends.

The moral of this story is: Lie to get rich, fake blonde, silicone boobied chicks.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

For the past year or so I've had a bit of crisis of faith, or so to say. I've just been questioning faith. Its really difficult to believe in God. I mean God evades all our senses, we can't see, touch, smell, taste or hear God. Even our thought process can't fully comprend what exactly God is, yet we are expected to accept God's existence. To be fully honest, I really want to believe in God whole heartily but don't know how to do that without foregoing any sort of questioning. I think of myself as a realist and maybe even a inquistive person, who needs to discover things on my own but it seems this is one question I haven't made any real headway into. So i'm trying to get a few my thoughts on this out. Hopefully People can help me figure it out.

Hindu thought says that all this around us is God. We infact do touch, see, smell, hear and taste God in everything because God is present in all things. Its a very uplifting concept but poses the question, is God all this alone or something more, something greater?

According to Hegel, God is love and even the Maharasthrian Saint Jnaneshwar says the same thing. If God is Love then why is there Hate? One possible answer is Hate isn't seperate from Love but is only the absence thereof, therefore if God is Love and Hate is the absence of Love then Hate is the absence of God. But how is it possible for anything to exist in the absence of God, if God is infact the foundation for all existence or being. Another answer is that both Love and Hate are encompassed in God, insofar as God as the foundation of all being but God is untouched by Hate because God is beyond all such duality. Good and evil, right and wrong, light and darkness and all other dualities do not affect God because it would limit God and God by definition is beyond all restraints. But isn't a definition itself a restraint?

A definition confines something by saying what it is or is not. Is God confined in such a manner? According to Upanishads, neti neti or "not only this" "not only this". Meaning that any such attempt to define or qualify God isn't exhaustive, but if anything are only approximations made by the human mind. Much like any description or definition of anything cannot fully reveal its true nature to the one who is recieving such an definition, so is any description of God by nature only a mark or indicator of what God is. Describe the color red? You can't describe it in any positive manner but you can describe it through negatives, by saying what it is not. Red is not black, nor white, nor blue. Much like that God can be defined through negatives. God isn't Hate, Evil, Pain, Death and so on.

More later...

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