Friday, October 20, 2006

The Big 27

So, I recently turned 27 or as they say in india, I'm running 28 (since in india they count your birthday from the day of your conception). Its rather funny because I think I'm supposed to feel different but I really don't, unless you consider that I'm graying a bit more and losing brain cells, hey as long as my hair doesn't fall out, i'm good to go. The one thing that birthdays do is to make you think about the past and with the lens towards the future. In that vein, I've been thinking about my life, where I've been, where I am and where I would like to go.

Life has been described as a book or a journey or a game. Its a book because what you have done is much like what has been recorded into a page, it cannot be changed (i'm guessing this metaphor was created before the invention of the eraser or white out). My life has been a rather interesting ride. I'd say I've experienced a lot more than many people and it is this ride that made me into the person I am now, good or bad thats for others to judge. I don't want to get into specifics because I'd rather people ask about it than me blog about it. My views on the world have changed drastically from high school and college. Maybe I've become more cynical but I think I've become more realistic. My idealism hasn't abated any because I still fundamentally believe in the potential of humanity to rise above selfishness.

The world we live in isn't ideal, its full of hatred, bigotry, anger, ignorance and selfishness. The depravity of the human condition really knows no bounds but neither does the splendor and goodness. Sometimes, just seeing that one kid in the street with nothing but is still content and happy with a beaming smile is enough to make you hope that maybe that kid will be the one who opens our eyes to part of us that connects us to everything else. The values our society pays to money and status is sometimes absurd. Seeing the amount of respect and attention we give to people like Paris Hilton or Donald Trump or other such people is sometimes borderline obscene when the teachers, thinkers, police, doctors, social workers and other such people are paid so poorly yet provide so much for our world.

As cheesy as it might be the line from batman begins really strikes a chord "It is not who you are underneath but what you do that defines you". A good person in my mind is the person who tries to help those that they barely know or maybe those they don't like. Helping people you care about as nice as it is isn't something that should be lauded but should be something we expect from each other. Ya, i've blogged about a part of this before but such thoughts do continue to linger.

So whats all this have to do with my age? I think I'm trying to find more ways to do more but I want to do things big. I want to do work in India help eradicate caste and ill treatment of women. I want to help improve health standards and medical problems. AIDS education, free medicine for the poor and education. I'm Indian and American, I want to find a way to live in both worlds and impact both worlds but its a thin line to find and even thinner line to walk. I guess my real birthday wish is that every year I'll be able to something more for people than I did the year before. Even though I'm not religious and question a lot of faith, I do believe that Dharma sustains uses and protects those who fight for it. Dharma is a living by principles of compassion, justice, honor, truth, dignity and knowledge. Those who stand and fight for these things are never alone and will always find support. Fight for what is right and don't back down even though the rest of the world might stand against you. Justice is never easy but is necessary. Compassion isn't a just a goal but a means, sometimes compassion does mean punishment but never hatred or anger. As long as you are honest with yourself you are honest with others, when you show dignity for others you reaffirm the dignity of yourself. Anyways, I have a bit more thoughts but not right now. Hopefully some of this makes sense. As always leave comments or suggestions.

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