Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Michael J. Fox versus Rush Limbaugh

This topic angers me because I'm at a loss why people would even listen to Rush Limbaugh about something in which has no knowledge. It is clear when you watch the video of Michael J. Fox that he is not acting and he does not have control over his movements. People like him and Christopher Reeve have been fighting to find a way to cure these genetic problems for years. Its sad that we need to have some entertainer who develops the problem and then uses their influence and star power to fight for the cause. Whats sad isn't that they fight for a noble cause but that we as a society have a blind eye to it until such a person comes along.

It still fascinates me that ignorant people like Rush Limbaugh, Kurt Warner, Jim Caviezel and so on can come and stand against an issue that has the potential to save the lives of millions of people and relieve the pain and suffering of potential billions. The idiocy is that somehow these people think that stem cells are potential human beings therefore the stem cells should be protected from being cloned and used to make other cells. The reason that stem cells are considered to be potential human beings by scientifically ignorant and conservatives (somehow these two groups end up being the same group) is that they have the potential to become any human cell and the way they are extracted requires that an embroyo be destroyed. I previously discussed stem cells and so I won't rehash that entire discussion.

The Stem Cell debate is intricately tied into the Abortion debate, because basically the same argument that has been used for abortion has been used for stem cells. Essentially, what we have is policy makers and legislators, who have no foundation in modern science and thought. When we have the big decisions makers and we give airtime and weight to any joe moron with a opinion, we end up with a society that is more controlled by marketing and propoganda than actual evidence and research. I blame faith for this problem, faith which cannot be scrutinized without angry rebukes and criticism from those who possess such faith. The notion that God hates abortion but favors a war on terrorism, is ludicrious. How can religion in any objective manner provide us a basis to judge when life begins? or which lives matter?

Maybe this is a tangent from the topic at hand but I think it is connected. Let me try and explain my thought process. The metaphysical notion of God and God's relationship to His creation sets the framework of how we view ourselves and our relationship to the rest of creation. God made all the animals then made man, who is considered to be separate from all the rest of the creation. Man is not an animal but something entirely different as such we must have different rules apply to us. We have total dominion and mastery over all the creatures of the earth, hence we can kill this planet, its non-human inhabitants without any fear of reprisal. That might explain why we have conservatives who refuse to accept the reality of global warming, mass extinction of animal and plant species in the world and draining of the world's natural resources. We can experiment on mice who possess a fully functioning nervous system and thereby pain but we have opposition to using stem cells which don't possess any nervous system or any method of feeling sensations, in fact the idea of feelings or sensation cannot even apply to it. These stem cells can eventually lead to a cure for many of the diseases that plague us. There are millions of people on this planet who suffer from paralysis, children with multiple sclerosis, our elders who have alzhemirs, others with parkinsons and so many more disorders, which all can be eventually hopefully addressed by stem cell research. Thoughts? Comments?

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